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Common Ground

audiovisual group

The audiovisual group A+ performs at the Centro Cultural de España.

Though I tend to dislike genre titles, the two worlds of experimental music and dance music seem distant here in Santiago—either tucked away in the abstractions of sound design, noise music, and multimedia journeys, or revelled in the unrelenting pulse of nightlife on crowded dance floors and in early morning after-hours parties. I’ve taken some time in the last few weeks to speak with several artists who are actively bridging the accessibility and immediacy of dance music with the progressiveness and inventiveness of experimental.
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Cape Town: Meeting Miss Celaneous

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Cape Town

The view of Cape Town from the top of Lion’s Head Mountain.

I visited Cape Town for two weeks to work with rapper Miss Celaneous on a hybrid music video, interview and animation project. I met up with Miss Celaneous at Big House Recording Studios, and asked her questions about her music, her identity, and what it meant to be a woman in hip hop in South Africa today:
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Mouth harps, desert sunrises, and camel polo

I showed up in Dalanzagad, the state center in Ömnögovi (south Govi) province, with the phone number of one person who I was told “might know musicians in the area.” That contact ended up telling us about a local music school, which we drove to and walked into unannounced. After my friend and translator Baagii explained my project, the teacher promptly stopped his lesson and furiously started making phone calls to several local musicians. The three musicians he introduced us to ended up leading us to another eight performers. We left the Gobi with close to fifty recordings.

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The Varied Traditions of Semana Santa

Two years ago, I celebrated Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Southern Spain by marching in the beautiful and solemn religious processions with my favorite community band, the Asociación Musical San Isidro de Armilla. This year, I experienced the Dominican version of Semana Santa in Santo Domingo. Allow me to do a quick comparison:

  • Processions: The processions in Santo Domingo are similar to the ones in Southern Spain, though on a smaller scale. While I didn’t see any of the pointy hats that characterize the dress for processions in Spain, there were people dressed as knights.

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Settling in Grahamstown, South Africa

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My name is Lena Weissbrot, a rapper and digital media artist, currently living in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Grahamstown is a small college town with passionate students and professors, and a lively nightlife full of music from all genres. For the next 9 months I will research women in Hip Hop in South Africa. I will conduct video interviews with local Hip Hop artists, film live performances, and find other artists to collaborate with creatively. As a rapper, I am interested in making music with other artists. As a digital media artist I have experience creating music videos, animations and graphics for my own music, and would like to create visuals for the artists I meet here.

There is also an academic element to my project. I have been sitting in on an Ethnomusicology course taught by Dr. Lee Watkins at Rhodes University. Dr. Lee Watkins’ body of research focuses on the socio-political power of Hip Hop around the world, specifically in South Africa and China. With his guidance, I will be writing a thesis examining the challenges in visibility and inclusion for women in Hip Hop in South Africa. I began my research at the International Library for African Music (ILAM), to collect different sources for my thesis. ILAM has a collection of many beautiful traditional African instruments. I also found some great books to begin my research.

African drums

An assortment of African drums at ILAM.

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