Possibly, the oldest and newest electronic instruments in Belgrade

As my research continues, I find myself getting deeper and deeper into Belgrade’s world of electronic music. This week I found myself exploring the more experimental side and I think I have managed to see the oldest and newest electronic instruments in Belgrade.

It started with the old – a very rare analog synthesizer, the Synthi 100.

Synthi 100

Synthi 100 #3 at Radio Belgrade

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Five Days in Delgerkhaan


Between Christmas and New Year’s, I had the opportunity to travel to Delgerkhaan—a small town, a short five-hour bus ride southwest of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital. Despite the short, five-day length of my trip, I was able to capture close to thirty recordings. Additionally, the quality and range of styles I was able to capture was truly impressive. Here are a few of my favorite performances:

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A Look Into the Recent Past: Record Digging and Re-issues

album covers

I was surprised to find out that there are only a handful of record stores in Belgrade. On most days, you can take a walk into your nearest market and find some used records in amongst other odds and ends. It’s nice to pick up a record while shopping for tomatoes, but there is something great about being surrounded by crates of “to-be-discovered” “new” music.
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Jazz Fest Recap: Day 3 and 4

In case you missed it, read about the first two days of the DR Jazz Fest here.

Day 3 and 4 of the DR Jazz Festival took place in Cabarete, and in Cabarete, there’s no better place for a concert than the beach! A giant stage was constructed, with a tent to protect at least a fraction of the crowd from the inevitable rain, and so began two exciting days of great music, with plenty of dancing as well. Here’s a recap.
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Recording in the Northern Mongolian Tundra

During the first two weeks of November, I had the opportunity to visit Mongolia’s Tsaatan reindeer herders. After two days of driving we made it to our guide, Puuja’s house. Waking up early the next morning, our small party saddled horses and prepared ourselves for the two-days of riding it would take to reach the Tsaatan. We wound our way through wilting pine forests and across the frozen ground of the northern Mongolian tundra long after the tourist season had ended, with winter well underway.

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