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Sham and Fateen’s Graduation

graduates & instruments

April 15th was the graduation concert of two Bait al Oud students, Sham Ghaleb and Fateen Kanaan. It was both a jury and a concert; a committee of musicians rated their level of accomplishment as oud players. The hall at Bait al Oud was filled beyond capacity, with late-comers standing wherever they found a spot.
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Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs)

The stage and hosts

Not everyone is afforded the opportunity to attend a major, national awards ceremony. I won’t say “never,” but my career aspirations will probably keep me away from the accolades and/or money required to grab a ticket for, say, The Grammys. But in early April, I was able to secure a seat at the Vodaphone (sponsored) Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs). It was quite an experience and one that I will never forget! There WAS a red carpet filled with press cameras, TV personalities as well as screaming fans. There were pre-show interviews about which designers the celebrities were sporting, their pending nominations and other aspects of their personal lives. There were rows of seats in front reserved for all of the biggest names in Ghanaian music from High Life legend Daddy Lumba to up-and-comer Mz. Vee, hip life mainstays Edem and E.L, and international stars like Yemi Alade. I was pleased to see many artists take the opportunity to shine light on social issues from the recent tragedy in Kenya to the struggles with Boko Haram.
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Da Hip Life Episode 1- Interview with Edem

Da Hip Life is the newest series from Da-What shining a spotlight on the Ghanaian music scene past and present. Episode 1 kicks off with Edem, one of the biggest artists out there.
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Adventures with Royal Hartigan – Pt. 3

Royal Map 3

The final installment of the trilogy of my travels with royal hartigan and blood drum spirit, blending Western Jazz music and traditional Ghanaian music, concludes with the Ashanti Region and Accra. We were based in royal’s current hometown – Kumasi, where he is a visiting professor at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (‘KNUST’ or ‘Tech’ for short). The Kumasi Cultural Center became our musical hub; their music and dance ensemble directed by Daniel Annan Sackey and led by Eric Owusu, our extended family. Practice, rehearsal sessions and video recordings included “Fontomfrom Improvisations,” “Naima” by John Coltrane, and “Tie Me Sufre” and “Hits,” both by David Bindman, combined respectively with Fontomfrom and Kete royal court musics, Adowa funeral/social music, and Sikyi social music. The Asante Fontomfrom royal court music included three main sections, Atopiretia, Akantam, and Naawia corresponding to different parts of the ceremony.
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Kopala Swag: The Copperbelt’s Hip Hop Movement

As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, I have been working with Sun FM since arriving in Ndola in November. While it is not my first time affiliating with a radio station on the Copperbelt, I have been able to spend much more time becoming familiar with the daily operations and practices of Sun FM, including co-hosting a show regularly with one of the most popular presenters, Steve or “So Sick.” I was also generously given the opportunity to have my own late night show on Thursdays which has turned out to be a very fun and insightful experience. (Live stream here!)

Unlike in the U.S. where most popular FM radio stations focus on one type of genre like ‘playing today’s top hits,’ or ‘classic rock radio,’ in Zambia radio tends to focus on promoting different programs or daily themes. For instance, Sun FM has ‘Zed (Zambian music) Tuesday,’ ‘Classic Thursday,’ as well as programs ranging from one to three hours that have a particular focus in terms of music genre or discussion topic.
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