Hi everybody!

Hi everybody! I just got back to California. I spent the last two months in New York getting ready for my trip by working with the awesome people at Afropop Worldwide, a nonprofit organization devoted to African music. They do some great stuff, so if you get a chance, check them out online at www.afropop.org and look for their show on your local public radio station.
But why was I at Afropop? While I was getting my mtvU-Fulbright application together, I did a lot of research on Mali at the library. The Senior Editor of Afropop, Banning Eyre (more about him www.banningeyre.com), wrote a book called In Griot Time that tells a lot about his own experiences in Mali as a guitarist in 1995. I decided that rather than leave earlier for Mali, it would be much more beneficial for me to work with him and with Afropop for a couple of months first. I’m glad I did it, as now I have many more contacts and a lot more knowledge about Mali and its music scene!
I take off for Mali on November 10, which means that I get to be around for both Halloween and the election. I’m spending the next few weeks visiting friends and family as well as familiarizing myself with my audio recording equipment.
Well, I’ll keep it short since this is my first post. The next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy for me, so I’ll just say nice to meet all of you I’ll post more from Mali!

4 thoughts on “Hi everybody!

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