Audio Flipbook: Day of the Dead

On November 1 and 2, Mexicans celebrate All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. In the weeks leading up to this “Day of the Dead,” Mexico City bursts with color. Residents build ornate altars to their deceased loved ones, and dress up skeletons like scarecrows as a reminder that death is a part of everyone’s life.

9 thoughts on “Audio Flipbook: Day of the Dead

  1. Hey Katie, Jan and I just enjoyed your flipbook… We’re expecting some great stories and songs at a campfire in Birchwood next summer. Have a great time… Later


  2. Katie!

    What a great presentation on the day of the dead. If I could, I would love to save it and present it to my class in the coming years. It would be perfect and does a much better job of explaining everything than I did!

    It looks you are having an amazing time. Que lo pases bien y cuidate. un beso,



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