Interview with Rouki— “Boa Vista”

Back in November, I met a young rapper and student named Rouki who was in the middle of recording a video for his new song “Boa Vista.” The song recounts the amazing time he had while interning at a center for disabled children this summer. Rouki and his coworkers came up with the nickname “Boa Vista” for their group, naming it after a beautiful city in Brazil. Throughout the verses, Rouki raps about the bond he made with the kids and his colleagues. The chorus translates to “Boa Vista, I am leaving you but I will not forget you.” It’s a really sweet song with a great message and a very catchy hook.

Thanks to being in the right place at the right time, I also got to be filmed in a few scenes for the video, but am still waiting to see if I make it to the final cut, and will post it as soon as it’s done. In the mean time, I met up with Rouki a few weeks ago to ask him some questions about his song and his experience so check out the interview and give “Boa Vista” a listen!

  • Listen to “Boa Vista” here:[audio:
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