Audio Flipbook: Choosing Mexico’s Music

This portrait of Edgar Alejandro “Alex” Paz is part of a series of interviews I did with students at the School of Mexican Music in Mexico City. Alex and his classmates come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of goals to the study of Mexican music. Some are looking for local fame, or at least a career of gigging at restaurants and weddings. Others want to become more versatile musicians. Some are diehard Mexican music fans since childhood, and others, like Alex, had to warm up to it.

In this interview, Alex tells us about his dilemma: finding his ideal career, and an appreciation for his own country, in a city that bombards him with a world of choices. He worries about making a living, but cares more about holding down a job where he can “find creativity.” Here he talks about his journey to appreciating Mexican music.

6 thoughts on “Audio Flipbook: Choosing Mexico’s Music

  1. This is the side of Mexico I wish all Americans could see. Im sure you’re having a blast. Make sure you visit La Condesa.. you’ll find some of the most interesting people in the world.


  2. OMG this is the greatest thing MTV has decided to do since play music videos. This is really awesome and I think MTV should have these fulbrighters on TV for a show to recap their research. The blog is great, but not enough! Spread the word!


  3. What a great story…military school to chef to mariachi…very cool…I liked seeing the diversity of the school, too. Older folks playing alongside younger folks…


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