Interview with BAMBproduction

In contrast to election night (which was spent out celebrating until dawn), I stayed home in my apartment for President Obama’s Inauguration last month and watched it with friends online, with my family on the phone, and with a good amount of Parisians in spirit, who could watch all-day coverage on French news stations. A few days before the Inauguration, however, I caught up with my friends from the rap duo BAMBproduction to talk about their music, various challenges for French youth and minorities, and a little about what President Obama’s election means for them.
Here is a short clip of our great conversation where the artists discuss the meaning behind their song “Orphelins” (Orphans) and how it relates to certain issues they experience in society. After watching the video, definitely listen to “Orphelins” and “Le Courage” (Courage), below. While you’ll find out what “Orphelins” is about when you watch the video, “Le Courage” is another socially conscious song that discusses how real courage for young people means to resist bad influences, challenge racism and hatred, fight to obtain their diplomas, and ultimately succeed.


  • Listen to “Orphelins” here:[audio:
  • Listen to “Le Courage” here:[audio:
  • 3 thoughts on “Interview with BAMBproduction

    1. Alexis, Fascinating interview. It would be interesting if you could interview some of the successful people of color in France and ask them how/if hiphop and/or rap culture might have been the impetus for their success.


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