A long overdue photo tour of Auckland

Pūnehunehu taku titiro
ki te ao nei e
Pōraki ana ahau
i te kimi i te wāhi ki a au

My view is dimmed
upon the world
Frantic in search
to find my place

This is an excerpt from the poem “Pūnehunehu” (Hazey) by Māori poet Charisma. I included it in my ethics proposal because I thought it was a striking summary of the need for “place”, which in my research I am hoping to show can be created through popular music. However in reading the poem again, I have realized that I have not done my city (yes, after merely 2 months I am infatuated with Auckland enough to feel comfortable calling it “my city”) justice by conveying anything about what kind of place Auckland is.

The following photo slideshow is by no means a comprehensive presentation of everything that is fantastic about Auckland. My photo tour is a little limited by the fact that I do not have a car. I’ve tried to capture some of my favourite spots though so that you can get a sense of my “place” in Auckland. Hopefully I’ve shown a bit of how vibrant, active, colourful and stunning the city is. There are some obligatory scenic shots, but also some more subtle things that I appreciate that might not come up through a Google image search of Auckland. I wanted to share this now so that when I put some footage of artists’ commentary on living in the city, you will know a bit more of the city they are talking about.



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