Super City Hikoi

Super City Hikoi
Super City Hikoi
Yesterday Auckland’s main street, Queen Street, normally a chaotic jam of pedestrians and cars (refer to my photo tour of Auckland) was completely closed for the Super City Hikoi. Hikoi is a Maori term for a protest march. Around 7,000 people marched against a new Super City proposal for the structuring of the Auckland government, which would remove guaranteed Maori seats from the Auckland city council. Marchers of all ages carried signs reading slogans like, “It’s not about race, it’s about representation” and “Not Super without Maori”.

Although Smashproof is riding high on their current success, and in the middle of their first nation-wide tour, they still made time to perform at the Hikoi. Reggae groups Herbs and Sons of Zion performed as well, while television and radio personalities and local mayors supporting the Hikoi encouraged the crowd to take action and oppose the Super City proposal.

Once again, the single “Brother” served to bring together and energize a huge crowd. It is clear that Smashproof are using their success and talents to benefit their community and the city that they grew up in, which seems to be common practice among Maori artists.

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