Hi Everyone

Right now I’m in Los Angeles finishing up my winter quarter at UCLA and preparing to take off to begin my project in late March. I’m really excited to begin my project! I have been doing some preliminary research about House and Kwaito music, and have been maintaining contact with VOW FM student DJs at Wits University in Johannesburg to keep up with the latest house music youth are listening to. Visit www.vowfm.co.za to hear what’s circulating radio stations. I’m also in the midst of doing some pre-production work and building a film crew to help me shoot my documentary, which is very exciting. Everything is slowly coming along, and I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running once I arrive in Johannesburg!

2 thoughts on “Hi Everyone

  1. Big ups to my fellow fulbright. I am a fulbright alumini, so I get excited when I see other fulbright scholars doing great things. Its awsome to see that fulbright has extended into music and culture. House and Kwaito were once BIG in South Africa. These musical genres are a culture on thier own, but unfortunatley due to the American musical influence, Kwaito is dying out. More and more of the South African musicians are doing it the American way. More and more of the South African listeners are into the American music and culture. So with that being said, I am so looking forward to seeing you final product… once again congradulation


  2. Hey Meja! I studied Setswana hip-hop while studying abroad at the University of Botswana. I examined the social meaning of hip-hop in present day Botswana. My conclusion was hip-hop was a tool for maintaining tswana identity among youth, whom are constantly bombarded with western influences and losing their native language as result. Setswana hip-hip is vehicle for them to not forget their cultural past while expressing the current state of Botswana. I am EXCITED about your study and can not wait to read about your discoveries! Good luck!


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