Saludos From Buenos Aires!

I left New York for Argentina in early December, just in time for summer. Everything you’ve heard from the Northern Hemisphere is untrue: it’s all right-side up here, the water does flush down the toilet right to left, and the right choice is steak and only steak at any restaurant, which comes served by a cow aficionado.

When I’m not investigating tales from up north, I’m following around musical numbers in Buenos Aires, one of which is NanaeNada. NanaeNada is a contemporary group with a surrealist twist, whose performances are nothing short of a spectacle. Composed of singer-actress Myriam Henne-Adda, pianist Pablo Droeven, guitarist Esteban Castro Filleaudeau, cellist Katja Burer, and drummer Pablo Belnes, the collective emerges onstage, in an entrancing playhouse world, where costumes, notes, and memories whirl.

Below is a video short I put together from a recent NanaeNada concert at La Oreja Negra, a venue situated in Palermo, Buenos Aires. The song featured is called “Solitude.” Myriam, the band’s founding member, also known as “Nana,” left Paris seven years ago to take a chance on a new beginning in Argentina, as so many have done before her.

More soon.

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