Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Belfast!

I hope everyone state-side had a fantastic Paddy’s Day; I had the pleasure of enjoying some wonderful festivities in Belfast and got some great photos and footage of their annual parade. Enjoy!

The parade itself was much smaller than I had expected, but the floats and participants were splendid! The parade’s theme was ‘2012’ a celebration of all the wonderful events to look forward to for this year. Titanic was a major topic due to the upcoming 100th anniversary of her maiden voyage and there is much bustle about Belfast in preparation for the opening of a new museum dedicated to the ship and construction in her native Belfast, stay tuned into the blog for more on that topic down the road and remember what the locals say; ‘it was fine when it left here!’ There were also many references to the London Olympics in the costumes and performances. As always, music had its part to play and several drumming groups, armature and professional, as well as a traditional set showed off their rhythms and tunes. Some of the highlights included wonderful characters, a few great floats, colorful costumes, some brilliant hats, street performers, and great craic (Irish for fun)! The parade made its way through town from beautiful City Hall, and afterwards everyone parted ways to continue the festivities in the pubs or at home. Locals say that the annual St. Patrick’s parade is in its early years of becoming a Belfast tradition, but it seems to be on a good track to becoming a brilliant addition to Belfast’s many staple carnival activities.

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