Back To The City

I went to Newtown in CBD (Central Business District) Johannesburg for the 5th annual Back to the City event. Newtown is traditionally known to be the arty side of town, which is very appropriate for the music event. Back to the City is a Kwaito and hip-hop event that showcases South Africa’s local talent pool and celebrates the blooming youth culture in SA. Everyone from musicians, skaters, dancers, graffiti artists, hipsters, rastas, and musicians went to enjoy the festivities. There were probably over 1500 people in attendance for the best online casino 12-hour event.

The event consists separate stages that include music performances, B-boy dancing, local clothing vendors, and BMX-ers. Some of South Africa’s popular musicians such as Kwesta, Prokid, and HHP gained popularity from their start on Back to the City’s stage and still return to perform to loyal fans.

After speaking to several youths about the event, many expressed that Back to the City is one of few big music events in Johannesburg that is a MUST to attend. Many feel the event is a well-rounded display of Johannesburg’s modern youth local culture.

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