Is there a Generation Gap?

June is the month of youth in South Africa. In remembrance of the anti-Apartheid movement by students of Soweto, the country celebrates and highlights its youth. I thought I should do the same. In addition to music culture, the course of my documentary focuses on what South African youth culture is, what it means, and what does it say about the future of South Africa.

I have been interviewing youth and elders alike about their thoughts on the generation of today, and whether or not they think there is a generation gap. My casino online focus is on the age group of children of the 1976 Uprising generation. Most of these youths are within the bracket of 19-29 years old. As expected there is natural differentiation of opinion of youth and elders. But what I am finding surprising, or just interesting, is that even the youth find there is a sense of disillusionment and decline of cultural priorities within their own generation. Many believe there will be no culture once they become parents because of their lack of knowledge or interest in traditional matters. Some feel that their parents failed to teach them, and others feel that the westernization and American pop culture is the culprit .

This portion of my documentary is still a working progress, but this is a clip of some of the footage I have picked up.

*Note: Lobola is traditional practice in which a man pays his fiancée’s family for her hand in marriage as an indication he able to support her, and to bring the two families together.

2 thoughts on “Is there a Generation Gap?

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