Edona Reshitaj, Actress and Musician

Photo Credit: Arton Humolli

If the fashion centers of the world had a baby sister, Prishtina might be it. Fashion is expression, a form of art, and people here love to play with style. Edona Reshitaj, an actress and musician, looks like she could be a duchess or a heroin from your favorite film noir – but the fact of the matter is she works hard, juggles multiple obligations and talents in order to maintain a steady life that allows her to be creative and incorporate her passions as part of her career. Edona and I were introduced to one another by Albulena Jashari from my last post. Communities here are pretty tight nit, which I love, and Reshitaj often plays in collaboration with Jashari, a testament of how supportive Kosovoans are of one another’s artforms.

My work is constantly connecting me to people from diverse backgrounds. The music they listen to or create in their day-to-day lives speaks as a representation of who they are and the realities they come from. Here’s what Edona had to say before a performance at the National Theater.

To echo Edona, I think many local struggles run parallel to broader, global issues. Kosovo is a geographic crossroads of sorts – where occident and orient coexist. It has a rich ethnic heritage that’s both historically intriguing yet sometimes hard to make sense of – particularly in terms of how people define themselves and the role music and art play within that image and identity. I think Kosovo has a lot to share about itself and a lot to explore about itself too.

I’m so humbled by art scenes in Kosovo (though they make my job harder deciding what to feature). Stay tuned to hear more from local artists. . .

As always, with love from Kosovo.

5 thoughts on “Edona Reshitaj, Actress and Musician

  1. Great job on this one sis! Edona seems like a really hard and talented worker. It’s great that you got to feature some of the older music… I love Vace Zela and Nexhmije Pagarusha too! I’m not sure how mom would feel about what she had to say in terms of tallava. That’s like all our family listens to… haha. But, I can totally understand that she works really hard to make the music she makes, and it doesn’t seem fair.


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