“Mumbai’s Queer Voices”: a Work-In-Progress Screening

On July 19th, 2013, at the Godrej India Culture Lab in Mumbai, I had the amazing opportunity of presenting my first work-in-progress screening of my Fulbright-mtvU documentary. In front of a full audience of filmmakers, academics, musicians, and Godrej company employees, I shared videos, my experiences on the filming process, and some illuminating academic theory that would make my PhD program advisor proud. The presentation was also capped by the incredibly accomplished singer-songwriter Alisha Pais, whose talents have brought her on tours throughout India.

Below is a recap of the presentation, including the music concert, which will be posted on the Culture Lab events webpage. The video is edited minimally combining footage from the Godrej India Culture Lab”s cameras and myself:

…. and the talented Alisha Pais:

The Godrej India casino online Culture Lab is the first (and potentially, only) interactive cultural space held at a major private industry in India that provides resources for academics, artists, and innovators to engage socially-relevant work to the company community and larger public. Every Friday, for their “Friday Funda” series, the Culture Lab hosts events featuring some of India”s brightest leaders in their fields. A week preceding my presentation, I attended a special “PopUp Ink” conference featuring incredible women artists and educators. Stay tuned for another Fulbright-mtvU blog entry featuring this and other Culture Lab events in the near future.

To read more about my event, check out the amazing media coverage from Vogue India, Mid-Day Magazine, and the Asian Age, with more to come…

7 thoughts on ““Mumbai’s Queer Voices”: a Work-In-Progress Screening

  1. Hopefully soon, Bobby! Lots of work still needs to be done stringing together all of the interview and performance footage. Stay tuned…


  2. This is an excellent presentation. Once again Jeff brings a concise and entertaining perspective and shows us customs fairly unfamiliar to us in the States.


  3. It is a very fresh,interesting viewpoint” Breaking superstitions” being from India, we know the superstitions around this, its presented in a very “As-is” way, beautiful camera work! Hope to see the full work soon!
    All the best Jeff!


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