A Schedule Delayed

Upon settling into my apartment in Amman, I pasted a somewhat crumpled flashcard in the upper-right corner of my bedroom mirror. In my messy, child-like Arabic script, the card reads “كل تأخيره فيها خيره” “, or “every delay has its benefit,” a traditional Jordanian phrase used to encourage patience. I have taken these wise words to heart since arriving in Jordan as I eagerly await the delayed start of my Fulbright-mtvU project. For the next three months, I will be studying Arabic at the Qasid Arabic Institute with the support of a Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA). The CLEA program, which is funded by the National Language Security Initiative, is a supplemental scholarship available to US Fulbright Scholars. Come December, I will be researching the use of music education and community music therapy as a means for promoting psychosocial health among child refugees. Primarily, my work will focus on establishing music outreach programs for displaced youth through a collaboration with students from the Jordanian National Music Conservatory.

While I am excited for winter to arrive and for my project to begin, I am grateful for the opportunity to further my language skills. It is, after all, the benefit of my scheduled delay. See you in December!

2 thoughts on “A Schedule Delayed

  1. Had dinner in Roch with your parents on Saturday and then drove down to spend the afternoon with them on Sunday…so glad you are getting acclimated to life in Amman…use the delay to your advantage…keep me in the loop with your blog…we miss you here in Roch but are so proud of you!

    Xoxo, carol


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