Sakasaka Music’s First Digital Release – Abu Sadiq

It is my great pleasure to announce the release of Sakasaka Music’s first digital album, available April 15th, 2014. A compilation of Abu Sadiq’s songs from across his career, the tracks for this album were chosen by Mr. Abu and I. As you’ll recall from a previous post, Mr. Abu is one of the most well known singers in the Northern Region, and this release makes him just the second Tamale-based artist to have his music for sale online.

Abu’s music has an upbeat roots reggae vibe—if you like Bob Marley and Culture, then there’s a good chance you’ll nbso online casino reviews enjoy this whole album. The songs, all in Dagbani, range from social commentary pieces like “Azindoo” to more lighthearted love songs, like “Mery Mery,” a comedic song about the challenges of courting someone who prefers to speak a different language than you.

As a member of the Wooden Band, Mr. Abu has recently brought these classic Dagomba hits to a live context. In addition to “Azindoo,” which was featured in my April 7th post, we’ve been working on a number of other songs featured on this album.

Fara Kuli

Mery Mery

Unfortunately, this will probably be the only album I’ll release from here in Ghana, due to the perennial frustrations of using the Internet in this part of Africa—frustrations that will be detailed in my next blog post. But there will be more album releases once I return to the States at the end of June.

Hopefully this and other Sakasaka Music releases will make a little money and earn a little recognition for north Ghanaian musicians. That is what the musicians here really want, and what this project is designed to do: get them heard outside of northern Ghana. So please, enjoy this music, and share it with your friends if you feel inclined to do so.

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