Da Hip Life Episode 2- Interview with Klu

Klu is one of the most prolific artists I’ve ever met. As he began his career, he set the ambitious goal to release 12 mixtapes in only four years. Yes, you read that correctly, in order to “find himself” as an artist, he put out TWELVE free full projects for the masses, honing his skills and experimenting with different sounds. He is an emcee and a producer, and he keeps his circle tight. While he has songs with some of the biggest names in Ghana (Edem, Sarkodie, Joey B etc…) he will not work with just anyone. His artistic integrity won’t allow it. Before making a beat for someone or rapping over another producer’s work, he must be able really to understand his fellow artist. He needs to comprehend what they are doing with their music and where they are coming from. Most of his production, under the slightly varied KluMonsta or King Klu monikers, features members of his collective The Royal KCMG, his girlfriend and fellow artist Jean Feier, or it winds up hosting his own vocals.

After years of free projects, Klu needed a true barometer of where he stood with his supporters which led to his first retail project, With All Reason. In addition to piracy issues that artists around the world face, Ghana’s music scene faces further obstacles because consumers do not have the infrastructure to purchase music legally online that many of today’s artists elsewhere rely on (be it a credit card, iTunes account, smart phone/computer…). To combat this, in addition to the standard digital retailers, you can order a copy of his album by phone and someone on team Klu will actually meet you around the city to deliver your product. Klu’s transition from mixtape rapper to retail artist has been generally well received, which is deserving of accolades in itself. The next test will be Klu’s upcoming tour which he plans to embark on this spring. Da-What.com ‘Da Hip Life’ continues with an exclusive discussion about Klu’s burgeoning career.

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