Possibly, the oldest and newest electronic instruments in Belgrade

As my research continues, I find myself getting deeper and deeper into Belgrade’s world of electronic music. This week I found myself exploring the more experimental side and I think I have managed to see the oldest and newest electronic instruments in Belgrade.

It started with the old – a very rare analog synthesizer, the Synthi 100.

pic 1
Synthi 100 #3 at Radio Belgrade

In the early 1970s, The Radio Belgrade Electronic Music Studio opened as a part of Radio Belgrade 3. Equipped with the Synthi 100, the studio was on the cutting edge. It hosted composers and allowed their experimentation on the novel hardware.

Here are a few links to recordings:
Josip Kalčić – Duboki Do
Ljudmila Frajt – Nokturno
Josip Magdić – Aperiron E

Unfortunately, Synthi 100 #3 is not currently in working order, but Ksenija Stevanović, music editor for Radio Belgrade 3, is hopeful that it will be repaired and a new musical residency program can be developed. In the meantime, you can check out a short documentary and demonstration of Synthi 100 #10 in Melbourne.

After talking about the Synthi 100, Ksenija invited me to come to an event within the contemporary experimental scene in Belgrade, where I saw the Belgrade debut of the velicon.


Creator, Jasna Veličković, playing the velicon

The velicon creates sound using magnets, vibrating coils, and handheld inductors. It was created by Amsterdam-based, Jasna Veličković.

velicon above

Velicon view from above

The velicon has a deep, futuristic sound. You can check out an audio recording of the duet performance with Manja Ristić on violin and Jasna Veličković on the velicon. Manja Ristić started the performance playing with sounds created with the exterior of the violin and a mic pickup. You can hearthe velicon come in on the recording at around 5:20 with an alien wooshing and increase in volume by 5:50.

Synthi 100

Jasna Veličković on velicon & Manja Ristić on violin

Take a look at Jasna Veličković’s website to see more information on the velicon.

I’m glad I got a chance to see this other side of Belgrade’s electronic music.

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