Young Mongols: LGBTQI Life in Mongolia

While my Fulbright-mtvU project takes me to the countryside, most of my time is actually spent in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. This gives me time to edit the content I have collected, but also unexpectedly jump into other short and long-term projects.

Two months ago, I joined a small team of producers and filmmakers to help create a ten part videos series showcasing some of the incredible work of young Mongolians. The project, Young Mongols, is meant to show foreign audiences developing trends in present day Mongolia and update their view of the country. There’s a lot more than nomadic herders and the history of Ghengis Khan.

Some of the episodes showcase activist organizations while others will simply focus on new trends like fitness and food culture in Ulaanbaatar. The third and most recent episode, which we just released gives viewers a glimpse of the LGBTQI community in Mongolia and highlights some of the amazing work that the LGBT Center here in Ulaanbaatar is doing.

Check out the first two episodes on feminism and urban planning and pollution. I was not involved in the creation of these two episodes, but did all the filming for the following eight, which will be released over the next couple of months. We plan on subtitling the episodes in Mongolian soon.

You can follow Young Mongols here:




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