Further Reading

In addition to writing for this blog, I tried pitching some stories for the first time. It ended up being a really rewarding experience as radio silence finally turned into some positive responses. Writing for this blog has been great, but some of the pieces were longer and worked better using different online and print formats.

If you’re interested in reading more about what I’ve been doing, here are some links to various publications I wrote for.

A story discussing my process during a trip to Khentii province publish in the NOLS Leader

“Reindeer get fat in the winter” – A story with The Adventure Handbook about visiting a Tsaatan shaman in early November

A photo essay with The Diplomat about a horse haircutting I was lucky to see and photograph

A more in depth story about the horse haircutting ceremony with Huck Magazine

An interview with Transverso Media

Songlines Magazine will be publishing a story about my project in their July issue.

Young Mongols is a video series I helped film. Episodes are still being released and can all be seen on the project’s YouTube channel.

LGBTQI Life in Mongolia with The Huffington Post

Media in Mongolia with The Diplomat

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