Meet Dope Saint Jude

This video contains some mild explicit language

When I visited Cape Town last month, I had the opportunity to interview rapper Dope Saint Jude. In the above interview she discusses her creative process, her identity, her inspirations, and the importance of feminism in South Africa.

“Putting on this persona of power is like a tool… I don’t know, essentially for me that’s how I can categorize my performance… In South Africa I occupy the role of a black queer woman, I’m flipping that power dynamic. Essentially, I should not feel powerful, that’s what the world would expect… so that’s my thing; I’m asserting my power … It’s cheeky, I’m saying who I am, and I’m flipping the power dynamic, and I’m doing it by creating this art.” –Dope Saint Jude

The interview contains two short music videos, for the intro and outro of Dope Saint Jude’s premiere EP, “Reimagine”.

This audio contains some mild explicit language

Dope Saint Jude is in control of her sound and image as an artist in every aspect; from directing and conceptualizing her own music videos, to producing her own beats.

I usually start off with a full idea; when I think of a song, I think of a video, I think about the whole feel, and I want it to be a rich thing; to have detail. Like imagine a human being with all its fine pieces of hair; to that level of detail is how I like to think about my music” –Dope Saint Jude

Dope Saint Jude samples classical music in her beats; like Debussy’s Clair De Lune, because this was the music she grew up listening to, and wanted to reference her upbringing.  She uses heavy, deep drums to make her Reimagine EP sound like an epic journey.

I have edited many music videos, for my own music, but this is my first experience creating a visual for another artists’ music.  I wanted to reference the iconography Dope Saint Jude had already developed for her Reimagine EP; the halo, emerging unexpectedly out of compositions of barbed wire, paint and flowers.

Dope Saint Jude’s Reimagine EP album cover.


Stills from the music videos I created for Dope Saint Jude’s “Intro” and “Outro.”

I have spent the last two weeks building the official website to host this interview series, which is set to launch on November 20th! In my next blog post, I will release my interview with DJ Nandi Jakuja.

A moment from the upcoming interview with Nandi Jakuja.

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