Meet Nandi Jakuja

Nandi Jakuja is a DJ currently studying at Rhodes University. In this interview, Nandi discusses her relationship with music, as well as her experience at the #RUReferenceList protests against rape culture at Rhodes University.  As a response to the hostile environment towards women prevalent in the Grahamstown student night life scene, Nandi created a ladies only club night called, “Stay Low, Keep Firing,” to create a safe space for women to party.

“I don’t know if I call myself a feminist, not that I don’t care about feminism, I just don’t want to like… make it a thing. I feel like just my being, and things that I do and think about and feel about, makes me a feminist already.  I don’t have to use the term; I feel like the term has so much pressure, and it’s sometimes used to attack other people…When thinking about feminism in our country, I think it is so important. Because of the country’s history; how black women were just like last, last, last, no one cares about us. So I think it is very important for women and black women to reclaim their space… and do whatever the f*** I want to do.” –Nandi Jakuja

A still from Nandi Jakuja’s interview.

For Nandi, creating mixes for her DJ sets is an expressive and personal experience;  she uses music curating as a response to both political and romantic heartbreak.

Her musical influences include Clams Casino, and Solange.

You can listen to Nandi’s emotive mixes on her soundcloud.

I recommend following Nandi on her Twitter, where she is eloquently vocal, profound and hilarious, about music, relationships, politics and life in general.

I’ve finished designing and building the website to host my project; which I will launch next week. I’ve decided to title the website Outspoken.

The layout and graphics for the upcoming Outspoken website.

The word “outspoken” encapsulates the energy of each artist; no matter how much adversity or opposition they are met with they speak their mind and create open, honest, and powerful work.

In my next blog post, I will release the interview with rapper Push Push.

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