Mezcla Casera: A Homemade Mix of Chilean Electronic Music

album cover

After months of meeting dozens of Chilean artists working across and outside of genre lines, I felt like a consolidation of these styles was overdue. The music communities here often operate within small collectives of artists, usually associated with an independent label or event promoter with its own unique market and sound. The netlabel community is focused mostly on experimental works, the smaller dance music labels produce short runs of techno and house catered to late-night international dance floors, and the scenes blending rap, reggaeton, and bass music lean into the hybridizations of post-modern Internet culture.

While these diverse groups co-exist within Santiago’s massive metropolis, there aren’t always obvious avenues of collaboration between them. In a challenge to fuse these disparate worlds (which to me are much more similar than they are different), I’ve created an hour-long mix featuring the music of Chilean artists and labels, both from within the country and from abroad.

The mix begins with the chopped up hip-hop of Eggglub and the syncopated ambient grooves of Danieto, moves into the amorphous minimal grooves of Ricardo Villalobos, and picks up tempo with tech-house originals and remixes by Etro Hahn and Alejandro Vivanco. I forced a few unlikely juxtapositions like Alisu’s jerking “Nave Afrodita” alongside the frenetic global bass of Kali Mutsa’s “Sanpaku,” hopefully offering a taste of the unexpected variety of music from this tiny ribbon on South America’s Pacific coast.

Eggglub – Tropical [No Problema Tapes]
Silvio Paredes – Zapatos Azules (Fiat600 Remix) [clang]
Aurelius98 – Un Mes y Algo [Cazeria Cazador]
HermanoKiltro – Macho Anciano
Danieto – Cristaliza2 [U-Cover]
Juan Amenábar – Ludus Vocalis [Asfona]
Ricardo Villalobos/Anthony Collins/Los Updates – I Throw Water Into the Lake [Nice Cat!]
Etro Hahn – Tantara [Cumpa Limited]
Manuel Araneda – Monotone 01 [Metronomo]
GuyFromDownstairs – Trebnal Magic (Alejandro Vivanco and Dani Casarano Remix) [Melisma]
Unknown Dancer – Sensitive Minimal Music [Panal]
Alisú – Nave Afrodita [Modismo]
Kali Mutsa – Sanpaku [Endmk]
Florencia Lira – Sin Título 3 [Protohombre]

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