Meet Push Push

The views expressed in this piece represent those of the author alone and are not necessarily endorsed by the Fulbright-mtvU program.

This video contains some mild explicit language.

In the above video, rapper Push Push talks about her musical influences, her process for writing lyrics, and how feminism impacts her art and her life.  This interview contains animated music video excerpts from one of Push Push’s secret unreleased songs.


Stills from the music video animation I created from Push Push’s interview.

Push Push explained that she uses her own Port Elizabeth South African accent when rapping, because a lot of South African rap acts sound very American, and their accents are washed away in their music.  Many South African rappers emulate an American accent when rapping because of the extensive influence American Hip Hop has had on the manifestation of the genre in South Africa.  That being said, Push Push still has a very international sound and appeal; her track Atom Bomb was even featured on the New York City based television show Broad City. It is difficult to describe her sound or even compare it to a genre; there is very much an electronic dance vibe in the instrumentals, but unlike most dance music, her lyrics are abrasive, profound, energetic and domineering all at once.

“If you think about it most hip hop music, like… ugh it’s so lame to say… but it’s “derogatory towards women”, but like I’m obviously not going to rap about what people are rapping about, so that already puts me some where else, because the majority of rappers are dudes! I think about it in a way where I’m like; I really kind of want to make music that dudes don’t want to listen to! But they still f*****listen, because dudes are the worst!” –Push Push

While spending time with Push Push in Cape Town I heard many unreleased songs and videos; there is much more to come from this artist! She is currently working on a few tracks produced by Thor Rixon.

Here is her most recent track, Church, released through Red Bull Studios in Cape Town.

In my next blog post, I will release an interview with visual artist Lady Skollie, who has also collaborated with Push Push.

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