2011 Grantees


Congratulations to the winners of the 2011 Fulbright-mtvU Fellowships, Kyle Inman of DePauw University, Lauren Knapp of Grinnell College, Jennifer Saura of Harvard University and Meja Shoba of Colgate University. These four U.S. college graduates will be conducting research and sending blog updates from the United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Mongolia, Argentina and South Africa respectively, for one academic year on projects of their own design around an aspect of international musical culture projects that are designed to promote “the power of music” as a global force for mutual understanding. Best of luck!


Kyle Inman

Kyle Inman

School: DePauw University
Major: Music and English Literature
Country Visiting: United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

Kyle Inman, who obtained her Bachelor’s degree in music and English Literature from DePauw University in Indiana, will work with Queen’s University of Belfast and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to highlight the powerful artistic steps Northern Ireland is taking to move past its troubled history and towards a more harmonious future. During her academic career at DePauw, she spread increased awareness of Northern Ireland’s culture and history through her acclaimed Northern Ireland Awareness Week and the presentation of her thesis, Portals of Truth: Musical and Literary Responses to the “Troubles” of Northern Ireland.

Lauren Knapp

Lauren Knapp

School: Grinnell College
Major: Anthropology
Country Visiting: Mongolia

Lauren Knapp, who graduated from Grinnell College in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and global development studies, will document how popular Mongolian female musicians in Ulaanbaatar are using hip-hop to address the issues of a rapidly urbanizing society in the young democracy. She will also work with the Mongolian Arts Council to establish a series of music camps for young women and girls. Since graduation, Lauren has taught in Nanjing, China and worked for the “PBS NewsHour”, where she contributed to the arts and music coverage.

Jennifer Saura

Jennifer Saura

School: Harvard University
Major: Social Studies
Country Visiting: Argentina

Jennifer Saura, who graduated from Harvard University in 2007 with a degree in Social Studies and filmmaking, will travel to Argentina to document music culture in and around Buenos Aires. With the support of the University of Buenos Aires, and in collaboration with several Argentine bands, she will explore the influence of contemporary music on Argentine individual and collective identity. Since graduating, Saura has worked in the movie industry and publishing, and spent the last two years at The New Yorker.

Meja Shoba

Meja Shoba

School: Colgate University
Major: English/Creative Writing
Country Visiting: South Africa

Meja Shoba, a film production graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in English Creative Writing from Colgate University, will travel to South Africa to film a documentary exploring the ways in which South African youth use local kwaito music as a vehicle to renegotiate their cultural identity in liberated, post-Apartheid “New South Africa.” She will collaborate with a local filmmaker, DJs, kwaito artists and elder musicians to illustrate how music reflects and articulates South Africa’s political transition and social climate.

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